Can I submit more than one entry in the contest?

Yes! There’s no limit on the number of entries you can submit for the Bake-it-Better Challenge. The more, the merrier! But you can’t submit the same baked creation twice—each entry should be a new recipe.

How do I know that my website entry was accepted?

If your website entry is successfully submitted, a page will pop up thanking you for your submission. If you don’t see this message, your entry was not submitted. In that case, we recommend submitting your entry on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #betterwithmissjones. Bonus points if you tag us @missjonesbakes! 

How do I know that my social media entry was accepted?

All public social media posts that include a photo and the hashtag #betterwithmissjones will be considered for entry. We’ll review all social media entries—and filter for profanity and/or inappropriate content, of course! All accepted entries will be visible under a hashtag search for #betterwithmissjones. Wanna scope out the competition? You’ll also be able to see all entries on our official contest page [].

Keep in mind that your social media profile must be public in order for us to see your entry! If you have a private profile and want to keep it private, please enter by posting the image on the Miss Jones Facebook page or via the online form at

After I submitted my entry, I realized I made a mistake in my post. What should I do?

If you submitted your entry on social media, you can either edit it, or delete it and then resubmit. If you submitted your entry online, you can’t change the original entry, but you can use the online form [] to resubmit a new entry with the correct photo and text.

Can I submit my entry in a language other than English?

Yes, as long as you use the hashtags #betterwithmissjones! Please note that the Bake-it-Better Challenge is only open to residents of the United States.

How can I find out what the judges thought of my entry?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of entries we receive, we can’t provide feedback on individual entries. But rest assured that we love every single one of them!

Can I use a mobile device to submit my entry?

Yes, of course!

How is my entry being judged?

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria: (1) recipe creativity, (2) originality, and (3) compelling imagery. Let your creativity shine!

I would like to try Miss Jones products. Can you help me locate them in my area?

You can use our handy dandy product locator [] to find Miss Jones products in your area.

Are food professionals eligible to participate?

Yes, absolutely! The contest is open to anyone aged 13 or older and residing in the United States.

I baked my creation with another person. Can we enter the contest as a team?

No. One person per entry, please—that Grand Prize can only go to one of you!

Are all entries reviewed and judged, or do you select just some to review?

We’ll review each and every entry that meets our entry requirements.

How will the Grand Prize winner and three runners-up be announced?

We’ll contact the Grand Prize winner and three runners-up within five days of the final contest date (December 23, 2016). If you win, we’ll contact you on the same platform you used to enter the Bake-it-Better Challenge. For example, if you entered by posting a photo on Instagram, we’ll send you a private message on Instagram. If you entered on Facebook, we’ll reach out to you via Facebook message. If you entered on the website, you’ll receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you provided. After we confirm with each winner, we’ll also announce the Grand Prize winner and three runners-up on our website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Are there any rules or restrictions on what I can bake for the contest?

Your entry should be a sweet baked creation, such as (but definitely not limited to) cookies, cake, pie, or brownies. There are no guidelines for the complexity, length of preparation, or ingredients—that’s up to you! We encourage creativity and originality, and of course encourage you to use the Miss Jones product line to help create your fabulous dessert!

What should I include in my photo? Are there any rules or restrictions on photo entries?

Our only requirement is that your photo contain your finished baked creation. While we encourage great-looking photos (e.g. good lighting, saturation, and clarity), we do not require professional-quality photos. Photos taken on your mobile phone are welcome. Other photo options include you, your family, or your friends next to your baked creation, or your baked creation next to the packaging of the ingredients you used in the recipe. The sky’s the limit!

Any other questions? Shoot us an e-mail at

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